Discover how

prenatal preparation

can help you reach your

breastfeeding goals

without weeks of

pain, stress & defeat

Is this you?

  • You've never breastfed before and want to prepare for the best possible outcome.

  • You're feeling overwhelmed and not very confident that you'll be able to breastfeed, even after sifting through hundreds of Youtube videos, Facebook groups, and Pinterest pins

  • Breastfeeding the last time ended miserably (e.g. nipple pain, low milk supply, latching problems) and you're afraid you're going to have a similar experience with your new baby.

If any of these statements ring true,

you need a


Lactation Consultation.

You've probably already planned your baby shower, researched the best baby gear, outfitted the nursery....

but, when you think about breastfeeding, you have a sneaky suspicion that you're still not quite ready.

Trust me, you're not alone…

Breastfeeding challenges are very common, especially in the early stages after birth.

Recent statistics show that 87% of women initiate breastfeeding

and plan to breastfeed for a year or longer.

However, 92% of women in the United States experience breastfeeding challenges within the first week, including problems with

latching, breastfeeding pain and low milk supply concerns.

And only 35% are able to breastfeed for 12 months or longer.

Why is Breastfeeding

So Hard?

Lactation is natural but

breastfeeding is learned.
And there can be a very steep learning curve,

which takes a lot of guidance to climb, especially in the early weeks.

Even if you've breastfed before, there's no guarantee that breastfeeding your next baby is going to be a

walk in the park.

Just like every birth is different, every breastfeeding experience can be different and have its own set of challenges.

Many a veteran mom (including myself!) have been devastated and humbled by this realization.

After helping thousands of parents breastfeed,

I've discovered that preparation is

the biggest factor in breastfeeding success

  • Mental and emotional preparation, including addressing any concerns that can undermine your confidence in being able to breastfeed, is a crucial first step. During a prenatal consultation, these mindset barriers can be addressed and a plan can be created to help overcome them.

  • Most moms don't realize they have certain risk factors that could make breastfeeding more challenging. During a prenatal lactation consultation, you'll get an understanding of these risk factors and come up with a plan to prevent them from derailing your breastfeeding goals.

  • When you receive a prenatal lactation consultation with an IBCLC, you already have someone to reach out to for help before problems arise or things get out of control. Most moms wait until baby is 3 - 6 weeks old before reaching out for support, making it much more difficult to fix problems.

So what can you do to achieve your desired breastfeeding goals, despite the challenges & without experiencing

undue worry, pain & stress?

Book a

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

(Virtual or In-Home)

Lactation education curated

to your unique needs & breastfeeding goals.

It's the best way to start a

confident breastfeeding journey

without all the stress!

Steps to a Prenatal Lactation Consultation

  1. Book a virtual/telehealth or in-home consultation (metro-Detroit area only).
  2. Before the consult, complete a health history form.
  3. During the consult, we review the form and discuss your breastfeeding goals and any risk factors that might deter you from reaching your goals.
  4. We review the basics of breastfeeding so you can get off to a good start.
  5. I answer any lingering questions you may have regarding breastfeeding.
  6. We discuss your pump assembly & operation and determine correct flange sizing for your breast anatomy.
  7. We develop a plan which provides recommendations on further breastfeeding education & preparation prior to your birth.
  8. After the birth, you will have access to up to 5 postpartum lactation consultations for reassurance and to address any concerns.

About me

My name is Jalyn Spencer, MA, IBCLC. For more than 9 years, I've helped hundred of moms prepare for breastfeeding success and get freedom from their most frustrating breastfeeding problems.

I am a mom of 2 children that I breastfed for over 5 years combined. During my breastfeeding journeys, I experienced and conquered a range of challenges, including sore nipples,cracked nipples, mastitis, clogged ducts, nipple blebs, tongue-tie, and low milk-supply.

After going through my own breastfeeding issues, I felt called to help other moms. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with a background in Chinese medicine, I try to understand the needs of breastfeeding families in a holistic way.

I'm not only passionate about creating customized solutions that reflect the needs of my clients, but also sharing holistic health strategies so they can feel their best while reaching their lactation goals.

Join the 35% of breastfeeding moms who reached their breastfeeding goals.

"Before meeting Jalyn, I had no idea what breastfeeding was all about. Learning about different holds, the proper latch, and other nursing tips from her has been a lifesaver! She even followed up with me and gave more tips on how to get rid of thrush! I'm happy to report that my son is happy and well-fed. With the knowledge I gained from her, nursing has become second nature. "

Raechelle M.

Teacher & 1st-time Mom

"I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but was overwhelmed with all the information available. So much of it contradicted itself and nothing was specific to my personal situation....After our first session, I felt so much emotional relief and validation. I did not need to endlessly google anymore or second guess myself. I received exactly the information I needed to nurse my baby."

Hannah M.

Software Manager & 1st-time Mom

Did you know?

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans

to cover certain preventive services,

including breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling,

at no cost to you.

We partner with Lactation Network to verify that

your insurance plan covers lactation consultations.

Health Insurance Plans that typically cover

up to 6 prenatal & postpartum lactation consultations:


*Anthem PPO


*United Healthcare PPO

*Provider Network of America (PNOA)

*Humana PPO

**Alternatively, you can use an

FSA/HSA card or

credit/debit card

for lactation consultations**

The BEST time to prepare

for the breastfeeding success that you desire is NOW.

Don't wait until you're already struggling to get help.

Set yourself up for breastfeeding success now!

You could be one of them...

Join hundreds of happy moms who've breastfed successfully

after a prenatal lactation consultation


Finance Exec & Mom of 2

"I consulted Jalyn when I was pregnant with my second and I was just really unsure about breastfeeding and I really wanted to get the tools I needed to be successful with my second. So, I really didn't know if I could breastfeed because I wasn't able to with my first. I kind of tossed around the idea of just going with formula feeding because that's what I did with my first. After getting a consultation from Jalyn, I was physically relieved. So I'm really glad I reached out."


Accountant & Mom of 2


At what point in my pregnancy should I book a prenatal lactation consultation?

In your 2nd or early 3rd trimester. The sweet spot is 20-32 weeks. This gives you enough time to complete the recommendations given during the consultation, without having to rush before giving birth.

How long is a consultation?

Typically 60 to 90 minutes, in-home (metro-Detroit area) or virtual/telehealth, depending on your needs.

Can my partner attend the consultation?

Yes! In fact it is recommended that your partner or any other support people in the home attend the consult, so they can also understand how to best prepare and support you with breastfeeding.

But what if I find out that my insurance doesn't cover lactation support?

You have the option of paying with an HSA/FSA card or your credit or debit card. A prenatal lactation consultation is $75 to $150 for virtual appointments and $200 for in-home appointments. This is a worthy investment that can potentially save you $3-$5K in formula costs.

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